Who attends counselling?
Anyone and everyone can take part in counselling. It doesn't matter how old you are, or what gender you are or what your marital status or sexual orientation are.  What matters is that you have realized that you have encountered a roadblock that is related to something intensely personal to you, and you need help sorting it out.  It could be a mental health issue that needs to be addressed and - when treated - you may find yourself quickly moving forward. 

The best sort of person to help you with a psychological problem is one that will not judge you and who understands the different types of issues that we can encounter that may affect us emotionally, and in our day-to-day functioning.

How long does it take for counselling to "work"?
This depends entirely on what the issue is that you are dealing with.  For some people, they can have a very specific problem which can be addressed rather quickly.  For others, they may need to take more time to address issues that they have been struggling with for many years. Ultimately, understanding the problem and creating a roadmap with your therapist is the best way to determine how much time you wish to spend on counselling.

What is your cancellation policy?
I require a minimum 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Anything less than 24 hours will be charged the standard rate.

Will counselling be covered by my health insurance?
I am a registered clinical counsellor (RCC). Clinical counsellor fees are not covered by MSP but may be completely or partially covered by your extended medical plan or possibly deductible as a medical expense on income taxes. 

How do you decide what therapy to use for certain issues?
This depends on what the issue is that you are dealing with. As each individual is unique, oftentimes their therapeutic plan may need to be customized to address their needs and preferences. Flexibility and open-mindedness are important parts of my practice in order to ensure I am able to support any client I am working with.

What about confidentiality...can you keep what I tell you private?
I make every effort to maintain confidentiality for you. Only in very extenuating circumstances would I reveal anything you have disclosed, and you would be informed throughout.  I will provide you with Informed Consent documentation which I will request be signed before we begin counselling.